Operation Grimm (ii)


'Grimm' (ii) was a U-boat wolfpack in the Arctic Ocean for attacks on Allied convoys heading for Murmansk in the northern USSR (9 September/2 October 1944).

The wolfpack comprised U-293, U-310, U-312, U-315, U-363, U-365, U-387, U-425, U-636, U-668, U-737, U-921, U-956, U-965, U-968, U-992 and U-997, and for the loss of Oberleutnant Alfred Werner’s U-921 sank no ship.

The wolfpack failed to locate the JW.60 convoy (30 laden ships and one rescue ship) from the west coast of Scotland to the northern USSR, where it reached the Kola inlet on 23 September, and also the RA.60 convoy (31 unladen ships and one rescue ship) from the northern USSR to the west coast of Scotland.