Operation Grouse (i)

'Grouse' (i) was a British operation by the Special Operations Executive to deliver E. Skinnerland to the Telemark region of German-occupied Norway to prepare the way for 'Grouse' (ii) (28 March/October 1942).

Originally sent to the UK by R. Palmstrøm, head of the Norwegian resistance’s signals element, Skinnerland was delivered back to Norway by parachute on the night of 28/29 March in the county of Telemark to establish radio contact and start preparations for the air delivery of the 'Grouse' (ii) main party, which was due to arrive at the end of April. The aim was to build an independent resistance organisation in the Telemark and Rjukan area. Skinnerland had been ordered to deliver arms to the resistance and advise its leadership that the organisation in Telemark would operate independently. The 'Grouse' (ii) main party, under Jens Poulsson, was unable to leave the UK before nights began to become notably shorter in May.