Operation Lycidas

'Lycidas' was a British naval undertaking as a repeat of the abandoned 'Tenable' against targets along and off the coast of German-occupied Norway such as the Ramis°ysund, Leps°yrev and Harrhamsfjord (13/17 October 1944).

Undertaken by elements of Admiral Sir Henry Moore’s Home Fleet, the operation laid mines and used carrierborne aircraft to attack targets of opportunity.

The force which sailed from Scapa Flow comprised the escort carriers Fencer and Trumpeter, the light anti-aircraft cruiser Euryalus and the destroyers Myngs, Serapis, Volage and Canadian Algonquin and Sioux. The carrierborne aircraft laid mines off ┼ramsund and Sado as a result of a navigational error on October 15, and in the designated area during the following day.