Operation Nordwind (ii)

north wind

'Nordwind' (ii) was a U-boat wolfpack operation off the north coast of German-occupied Norway (24 January/4 February 1943).

The wolfpack comprised U-255, U-302, U-622, U-625, U-629 and U-657, and for the loss of none of its own number sank three ships totalling 11,770 tons.

All victims of Kapitšnleutnant Reinhart Reche’s U-255, these were the 2,418-ton Soviet Krasny Partizan and 1,892-ton Soviet Ufa, a pair of independent sailers which were both sunk on 26 January, and the 7,460-ton US Greylock of the RA.52 convoy, which was sunk on 3 February.