Operation Passbook

'Passbook' was a British naval sweep by part of Vice Admiral Sir Arthur Power’s East Indies Fleet in an effort to locate and destroy Japanese shipping in the area of the Andaman Sea between Mergui and the mouth of the Moulmein river in Burma (7/13 April 1945).

On 7 April, Force 62 departed Akyab in the Arakan western coastal region of Burma with the destroyers Racehorse, Redoubt, Rocket and Rotherham after these had resupplied following 'Penzance', and in the period between 9 and 11 April operated between the mouth of the Moulmein river and Mergui, and in the Hastings Harbour area. During this period the British ships sank five sailing craft, from which 18 Burman survivors were rescued.

At dawn on 11 April, six Consolidated Liberator heavy bombers of the RAF’s No. 222 Group sighted and sank one merchant vessel escorted by one submarine chaser to the north-west of the northern tip of the island of Sumatra, and the ships of Force 62 reached the area in the afternoon to rescue 62 Japanese and six Sumatran boys in Japanese uniform. The ships of Force 62 then shaped course for Ceylon, and reached Trincomalee on 13 April.