Operation Pheasant (i)

'Pheasant' (i) was a British operation by the Special Operations Executive to establish a radio contact with the UK and organise groups in the Valdres and northern Hallingdal areas of German-occupied Norway (12 March 1943/May 1944).

Comprising W. Waage, J. Solberg Johansen and B. Iversen, the party was delivered by parachute on 12 March, and on 23 April the radio station came on air and continued to transmit until the end of the war. Contact was made with the local resistance forces, and a number of groups were organised in the area. The first airdrop was not, however, received until April 1944 and therefore weapon training was delayed. The 'Firecrest' team arrived in May 1944 to relieve the 'Pheasant' (i) party.