Operation Shred

'Shred' was a British naval minelaying and minesweeping operation, including the subordinate 'Groundsheet' (i) and 'Winner' efforts, off the coast of German-occupied Norway (21/23 February 1945).

Under the command of Vice Admiral Sir Frederick Dalrymple-Hamilton, second in command of Vice Admiral Sir Henry Moore’s Home Fleet, the forces involved were the escort carriers Premier and Puncher, the light anti-aircraft cruiser Dido, the destroyers Cavalier, Myngs and Scorpion of the 23rd Destroyer Flotilla, and the minesweepers Courier, Golden Fleece, Hare, Jewel, Serene, Wave, RML-551 and RML-545 of the 10th Minesweeping Flotilla. The task of this last element was the sweeping of a channel through a known German minefield, which was achieved without the discovery of any mines.