Operation Sono-Cooke

'Sono-Cooke' was a British naval anti-submarine operation off the Kola inlet (25/26 April 1945).

The escort carriers Premier and Vindex, together with the light anti-aircraft cruiser Bellona, were detached from the escort of the JW.66 convoy as ships of the Eastern Local Escort Force arrived to take over this duty, for it was known that the 'Faust' (ii) wolfpack was known to be awaiting the convoy’s arrival.

Both of the escort carriers launched Fairey Swordfish aircraft to lay sonobuoys across the swept channel into the Kola inlet, off which the 'Faust' (ii) wolfpack was known to be lurking, and Grumman Avenger aircraft to patrol ahead of the convoy’s outer screen.

The British ships berthed in Vaenga Bay on 26 April.