Operation Veritas

truth (Latin)

'Veritas' was a British carrierborne air attack, otherwise known as 'Ridge', after 'Planet' and the abandonment of 'Brawn', by elements of Admiral Sir Bruce Fraser’s Home Fleet to harry German shipping plying to and from the west coast of German-occupied Norway, to reconnoitre Narvik, and also to add verisimilitude to the 'Fortitude North' deception and cover plan (26/28 April 1944).

The substantial British force deployed for this double operation comprised the fleet carriers Furious and Victorious, escort carriers Emperor, Pursuer, Searcher and Striker, and a number of cruisers and destroyers. 'Veritas Able' (otherwise 'Ridge Able') involved air attacks on German coastal shipping in the area of BodÝ, resulting in the sinking of three ships (15,083 tons) from a German southbound convoy for the loss of six aircraft to fighters and anti-aircraft fire, while 'Veritas Baker' (otherwise 'Ridge Baker') was to have involved attacks on German coastal sipping in the area of Rorvik, but had to be cancelled as a result of bad weather.