Operation Welcome

'Welcome' was a British submarine offensive in the Mediterranean (2 May/29 June 1943).

In the western Mediterranean, Safari sank three ships (2,641 tons) and damaged one 3,069-ton ship, Shakespeare sank two vessels (241 tons), Sickle sank the submarine chaser UJ 2213 and also U-303, Sportsman sank two ships (5,110 tons), Tactician sank one 385-ton vessel, and Trident damaged one 11,718-ton ship.

In the central Mediterranean and southern Adriatic, Ultor sank one 137-ton vessel, Unbroken sank two ships (5,408 tons), Unison sank one 2,998-ton ship, United sank two ships (8,649 tons), Unrivalled sank two vessels (986 tons), Unruffled sank one 9,895-ton ship, Unruly sank one 4,485-ton ship and damaged one 4,000-ton ship, Unshaken sank one 1,425-ton vessel, and Tactician sank one 8,034-ton ship and a sailing vessel.

In the Aegean Sea, the Free Greek Katsonis sank two ships (2,908 tons) and damaged one ship, the Free Greek Papanikolis sank two caiques, Parthian sank a sailing vessel and Taurus sank six caiques.