Operation Zar


'Zar' was a German naval minelaying operation by the minelayer Ulm, escorted by the destroyer Z 23 and torpedo boats T 9 and T 12, in the Barents Sea off Cape Zhelaniya after the return of the heavy cruiser (ex-pocket battleship) Admiral Scheer at the end of 'Wunderland' (i) (24/25 August 1942).

The minelayer had initially been transferred from Kiel to Narvik in German-occupied Norway between 15 and 19 August. As a result of 'Ultra' intelligence, the British were able to arrange for an interception of the minelayer, which was sunk by the British destroyers Marne, Martin and Onslaught in the area to the south of Bjørnøya. The British warships rescued 54 survivors.