Operation Husar


'Husar' was a German unrealised naval plan for an anti-shipping operation in the Kara Sea by the heavy cruiser (ex-pocket battleship) Lützow (20 July 1943).

Lützow was experiencing problems with her Diesel engines at this time, however, and this led to the cancellation of 'Husar', which had been schemed as a successor to 'Wunderland' carried out the previous year by Admiral Scheer, a sister ship.

The propulsion system problems proved to be so difficult that the ship needed major repairs in Germany. After this the ship briefly returned to Norway, but by the end of September 1943 a thorough overhaul and refit was required. The work had been completed in Kiel by January 1944, after which the ship remained in the Baltic Sea to undertake training cruises for new naval personnel.