Operation Wanderers

'Wanderers' was a British naval undertaking in support of 'Overlord' by through the simulation of an Allied invasion of the northern part of German-occupied Norway, so persuading the Germans to keep substantial strength of U-boats in this theatre rather than relocating them to the English Channel to tackle 'Overlord' convoys, and then locating and destroying these U-boats (20/25 June 1944).

Commanded by Rear Admiral A. W. La T. Bisset, the force deployed for this undertaking were the escort carriers Fencer and Striker, the light cruiser Sheffield, the light anti-aircraft cruiser Royalist and the destroyers Marne, Meteor, Milne, Musketeer, Wakeful and Wessex. The undertaking reached its peak on 20 June, when the emphasis switched to the prosecution of the war against the U-boats and the delivery of attacks on German shore positions, but in the event no U-boats were detected.